sugar detox: update

going off sugar is the worst. two weeks ago, when i started, the first few days were great. i felt more energized and focused. and had few if any cravings…at first.

when the cravings came, everything stopped. no more energy, focus, or feeling good. and when i gave in and drank a soda, it quickly escalated to then another and another. by the end of the week i was drinking more soda in a day than i was before i tried stopping. that is, until last night.

starting today, i’m back on a month-long plan to break old habits and establish new ones. week one is usually a cutback on sugar and journaling to be more aware of what i’m eating and how i’m eating. the second week is the worst. no sugar of any kind. the idea is to re-set your pallet. which means eating only vegetables. no bread. no fruit. no additives. not looking forward to next week.

day 1: brisk walk, 20min yoga stretching, breathing meditation