Dry Land Farms And Gardens

Town & Country Gardening

Friday, April 18, 2014. Many local water district water managers announced that our local water supply lakes are at or will be at or below 25 percent capacity by the end of April without large strong storm rains falling in our lakes water shed.

dryland-farm1The national weather service is predicting well below normal rain fall to continue into this Fall, with little hope of improving condition well into October or November.

25 percent capacity lake water levels is the magic number that triggers ‘mandatory’ stage 5 water conservation measures.

What does stage 5 water ration really mean? First for gardeners that means No outdoor water usage. No lawn or garden watering. No filling or refilling of swimming pools, kids pools, water fountains or fish ponds. No at home car washing. No Outdoor Water Usage!

First time offenders are subject to large fines. 2nd time offenders may have their water…

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