falling off the sugar wagon

they say relapse is a part of recovery. i spent ten days before falling-off-the-wagon. however, it wasn’t the cravings that did me in, or the crash. it was realizing i was going about this detox thing all wrong. with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and artificially modified sweeteners secretly hidden in my food, i’m going to need a new strategy.

consumption of sugar in america is epidemic. a study published by the american journal of clinical nutrition showed that the average american consumes 300+ calories of sugar over the max dose recommended by the american heart association.

but what you may not know is that artificial sugars are not counted in the nutrition label of that zero-calorie bottle of diet soda you’re drinking. these hidden (undocumented?) sugars are everywhere in your diet: bread, beef, frozen foods, malt, and other genetically modified food.

there is currently no label on food packaging for genetically modified chemicals. the ingredients are simply listed under secret names: barley malt, carob syrup, fruit juice concentrate, lactose, maltose, rice bean syrup, sorghum syrup, stevia, sucralose, agave, saccharin, aspartame and so on. if you find any of these ingredients listed in the nutrition facts, you have (un)wittingly consumed a modified or synthetic sugar.

and what you may not know is this:

stevia is comparatively new to the market. the powdered extract of the stevia plant is 400 times sweeter than sugar.

sucralose is “calorie-free” and 600 times sweeter than sugar.

agave is 25% sweeter than sugar and contains more than 90% fructose–even more than high fructose corn syrup.

saccharin was shown to be a carcinogen in a 1970 study by the national toxicology program. but since no evidence was found in humans (in studies funded by the saccharin patent holders), it was declared safe. the human body cannot digest saccharin.

aspartame is about 200 times sweeter than sugar and is widely used in packaged foods under brand names. and once linked to cancer, an fda report found no such evidence and maintains aspartame is not a health risk.

however, as ceo of the international drug and chemical company, searle pharmaceuticals, donald rumsfeld (who also sits on the boards of sears and kellogs)  used his political connections to secure the fda approval for aspartame (marketed then as NutraSweet). he lated brokered the deal to sell searle pharmaceuticals to monsanto and personally earned $12 million and stocks.

every time you poison yourself with these chemicals, donald rumsfeld gets a cut. that fact alone should inspire you to change your nutrition habits.

so what’s the solution? first, if you’re ever in a position to ask rumsfeld one question, ask him if he’s an alien lizard:

coming soon: solutions to conquer cravings and drop weight by breaking your addiction to sugar, he says as he takes another bite of his frozen dinner.