steps for active social transformation, an open letter

since sit-ins became occupyings, and boycotts became youtube videos, it’s tougher sticking it to the man today than ever before. but there are a few protests you can do from the safety of your home without all the hype of burning tanks in the town square. also these tips make great conversation starters for your next garden party.


steps for active social change*:

1. expose the federal reserve banking cartel by boycotting the most corrupt offenders–citibank, jpmorgan and chase, and bank of america. instead: move your money to another bank, refinance any mortgages or loans with another bank, sell off their stock, and quit using their service.

2. boycott corporate media news networks like cnn, nbc, cbs, abc, fox, etc. who present news pre-filtered through the same six corporate conglomerates. instead: use, support and protect the internet and the free flow of information on reddit and other sites like it.

3. boycott the obsolete military industrial complex used to maintain the interest of u.s. corporations. instead: donate clothes, books, and food items to your local food pantry and homeless shelter. more than a quarter of the u.s. homeless population are military veterans.

4. boycott the major energy cartels bp, exxon, mobil, texaco who perpetuate high-cost energy dependency on burning fossil fuels. instead: go off-grid as much as possible and work to make your home more self-sustainable.

5. reject the failed and corrupt political system. used to be if you wanted to enact change you wrote to your congressional person. today both parties are funded by the same corporate lobbyists who manufacture popularity through the media coverage they own. instead: focus on dissolving the outdated political and monetary systems in favor of technological re-design. democracy is an illusion.

6. push for critical mass awareness.


*i think i borrowed most of this from one of the zeitgeist movies.