Can We Empower Kids To Choose Healthy Foods?

Food Safety Europa

A recent study in the American Medical Association’s journal, Pediatrics, says nearly two-thirds of elementary school children receive a barrage of commercial messages about junk food and are spurred on by money-producing programs such as coupon and voucher incentives sponsored by pizza c…
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Pig Farmers Use Sensors And Wireless Communication To Grow Healthier Animals

Food Safety Europa

EU-funded project called ALL-SMART-PIGS is developing technologies to help pig farmers growing healthier and faster growing animals. The system uses real-time information from sensors peppered around pigs farms.

Low-cost sensors and wireless communication technologies have enabled moves t…
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The Time 100 offers many TED connections

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Time-100-2014 Time has given its annual list of the 100 Most Influential People of the Year a twist again for 2014 — each person on the list was written about by someone who could just as easily have appeared on it themselves. Below, the many TED connections in this package, both honorees and writers, divided into the categories Titans, Pioneers, Artists, Leaders and Icons.


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