life-extension in your life-time

do right aquaponics is a not-for-profit organization that advocates for sustainability, herbal healing, and self-sufficiency

 educating in aquaponics, as a consumer, you can reduce your ‘direct water footprint’ (home water use) by using less water in the garden.

bloggers produce plant and fish-care tips, pamphlets, guides, newsletter through our blogsite. Get the newest posts on our website delivered straight to your inbox. Each weekly newsletter highlights new online articles, timely articles from our archives, web-exclusive blog posts, monthly sweepstakes, our favorite book excerpts and more.

web affiliates introduces novice aquaponic growers to a variety of methods, kits, and information

the value of aquaponics for a sustainable future

food…toward platforms that reflect our goal for healthy, self-reliant sustainability. Organic produce grown in a deep water aquaponic system. Forming a network between plants and fish, we don’t use any of the harsh chemicals or pesticides found in hydroponics.

  healing herbs. A number of minor ailments send us reaching for over-the-counter painkillers. But taking frequent doses, even small doses, is hard on the liver and can to long-term health problems. Most of us interested in a more self-reliant life take the time to educate ourselves about to promote our health naturally. Many herbs offer compounds known to ward off ailments and illnesses ranging from memory loss to stiff joints. Today it’s of vital importance that we learn about the source of our herbs.


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  1. Aquaponics is fast becoming the premier method for growing localized produce. In the form of commercial growers or by an individual, where else can the produce consumers want for their kitchen table be had?

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